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Our Story


I've never felt like I've had a classical talent like playing an instrument, art, etc.  In my own way fashion and decor is my creative outlet and that is how The Pink Longhorn Boutique came to be.  I enjoy finding fashions that are inexpensive and ageless.  We can all be chic at any age and don't have to dress a certain way because of a number.  With that belief a perpetual case of wanderlust I decided to take The Pink Longhorn brand on the road with a luxe mobile boutique.  Women of Northern Colorado can now enjoy a fun unique way of shopping by hosting their own private sip and shop.  Visit the Book the Boutique tab to book your party.  We can't wait to meet you!


The Men of The Pink Longhorn Boutique 

 These boys of mine have been so supportive in the birthing of The Pink Longhorn Boutique.  They have worked my grand opening wearing pink sequined bow ties, steamed and tagged clothes, assembled IKEA cabinets for my trailer, and one is even excited about hauling mom's pink trailer around Northern Colorado.  


The Longhorns of The Pink Longhorn Boutique

Minnie, Betty and Shelia or "the girls" as we affectionately call them are the pet longhorns.  Their jobs are to look majestic, eat grass and have a calf a year.  This is Minnie and her calf Cash.